We have always been more than happy working away in the background making sure that all of our customers have the service that we would want to use ourselves, which is one of the things that we think makes us a good web hosting provider.

We have also heard from some of our customers that you think that we are doing this really well, and when you think about the size of redIT compared to the other hosting providers out there we are (at least we think) affordable and reliable.

But now we can shout about the reliable side some more.

HostingAdvice.com who are one of the review sites that we have been registered with for quite sometime now have randomly been testing our Uptime over the last few months. They have done this without us knowing by the way.

We are pleased to confirm that at the end of February 2019 they awarded us the 'HostAdvice Uptime Reward' which is awarded for passing the testing duration and reaching an uptime of 99.7% during the period.

redIT Reviews

This random reward has made both Kerry and I a little smug at the moment as it shows to us what we have been working so hard towards for the last 15 years.

Don't worry though we are not going to be changing anything its just really nice to get an external award for what we have been doing that said we still think that the feedback from our customers is the most important tool we have as without your feedback we can't keep improving what we have already build over the years.