Well here we are again.

Nominet the governing body for the whole .uk Domain space have released (what we think) is a great offer that is going to run for the whole of October 2019.

If you already own on of the shorter .uk domain names (example.uk not example.co.uk or example.org.uk) the you can renew it for £2.00 for the first year.

So for example if you do have one of the .uk domains and it is due to expire (I think quite a few are due to which is possibly why  this promotion is about to start) you could renew it with redIT for the following.

No. Years Price (inc VAT)
1 £2.00
2 £8.86
3 £15.01
4 £21.15
5 £27.29
6 £33.43
7 £39.57
8 £45.72
9 £51.86
10 £58.00

If you are looking to renew your .uk domain this month now would be a great time to get it done and save yourself a couple of pounds in the process.

Now I here someone say "But my domain is not with redIT".

Well fear not, you can simply transfer your .uk domain to us for free (we don't charge you anyway) Simply have a look at https://redit.co.uk/domains